2022 Monument Valley High School Graduation Speech

I was selected by the Monument Valley High School Class of 2022 to be their guest speaker (motivational speaker) at their graduation on May 21, 2022. It was truly an honor to return to a place that molded me in so many ways. I wanted to share my speech, because I know many people wereContinue reading “2022 Monument Valley High School Graduation Speech”

COVID Relief Work: My Reflection

I was sitting on the floor in my bedroom when my mentor, Ethel Branch, former Navajo Nation Attorney General called me. COVID-19 was spreading throughout the country, and we both knew it would eventually reach our Diné Nation. What could we do? I thought about the 13 grocery stores across our reservation, which spans acrossContinue reading “COVID Relief Work: My Reflection”

Duke must do more for Native students

“I tell myself that perhaps one day another Navajo student will step onto campus, be welcomed by a Native community, and walk into a Native student center where she has resources available for her to succeed. I pray one day she will not wake up every morning convincing herself that she belongs here, because she knows she does. “


Our struggles are important. Our opinions matter. We matter. It is hard to succeed. We juggle the life of a scholar with our cultural teachings, and sometimes the two collide. If I have learned anything, it is that it is possible to remain whole. It is possible to piece ourselves back together when the world continues to take pieces of our identity.